Lots of businesses and homes are switching over to VoIP, and as a result many service providers are scrambling all over themselves trying to attract a larger piece of that very profitable pie. One of the things that attract the attention of potential customers is the frequent use of the term discount VoIP, but the thing is, it’s just a marketing ploy, because the very nature of VoIP use is what saves you a lot of money.

There’s No Need to Install New Phone Lines

Having to install new phone lines can be both expensive and disrupting to your business, but VoIP sidesteps that problem altogether. You can choose a provider that offers the right equipment which can connect directly with your current broadband network. The rates of these services are quite affordable with business phone plans. If you have employees who telecommute, you can easily arrange for the provider to put in the appropriate equipment in their homes.

You Can Have Greater Security

Phone security is becoming more of a concern these days, especially with all that hullabaloo with the NSA. Generally, no telecomm system is completely safe if the government is determined to listen in. The issue gets worse with unsecured VoIP, since it’s a system that uses the Internet to transmit voices as data packets. Anybody can listen in.

But you don’t have to install expensive anti-eavesdropping security with VoIP, because you can always avail of encryption services. A service provider that offers 256-bit AES should be good enough for your needs. You can also put in VoIP software on mobile devices, so that your employees are reachable on your work line even if they’re on the road.

You Get More Features

You don’t lose the basic features just because VoIP is more affordable. You should receive them all: caller ID, call forwarding, voice mail, and call conferencing. But you get much more than that. You can get video conferencing, since everything that the system transmits over the Internet is essentially data packets. That means unlimited long distance calls isn’t a problem at all.

Discount Voip

Discount Voip

If you have your own IT department, that can also save you a ton of trouble. Your people can handle the maintenance of the system, and you wouldn’t have to wait for the repair guy to drop in and fix your telecomm system. As a result, you won’t have to suffer lower productivity because of the downtime.

So when you’re trying to choose the right provider for your telecomm needs, try to consider certain factors first. What features do they offer? How reliable are their services? Will the company still be in business in say, five years? Those are the questions that you need to prioritize. Costs are generally lower than you’d expect when you avail of the services of a VoIP provider. Discount VoIP may be nice, and you should check how long the discounts would last. But since VoIP already saves you money, discounts are less important than the quality of the service.

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