Switching over to a VoIP phone system from the traditional, standard telephony is something that can generate significant savings for your business. However, other than that, there are numerous other VoIP comparison factors that will do you good to check out, to determine what better suits your needs.

When choosing which VoIP phone system to select, compare and contrast the followimg factors. These factors all have an impact, in one way or the other, on the kind of VoIP system that you should get:

VoIP Comparison

VoIP Comparison

Type of VoIP System – this has to do with whether you are going for a software based system like Skype, where all that you need are a headphones and mic, the software itself, and an internet connection; or a hardware based system, where you’d need special equipment (like a handset) that you’d have to buy; or a cable based system that lets you use a special bandwidth to place your calls from

Kinds of calls that can be handled – there are some VoIPs that can’t process an emergency call (ex: 911). Be sure to inquire about this when making your selection.

Professional installation – cable based VoIPs need a professional to install the system. This is an added one-time expense.

Hardware – cable based and software based systems generally do not require additional hardware. Additional hardware can be expensive, depending on what kind of hardware you are recommended to buy.

Lock-in periods/contracts – most software based systems do not require contracts or lock-in periods. Cable based systems can sometimes require lock-in periods, depending on the service provider.

Coverage – although most VoIPs are able to provide service to North America (US and/or Canada unlimited calls), many consumers still require full international reach. Check this out before choosing a plan and provider.

Voicemail – not all VoIP phone systems can provide voicemail. If the nature of your business requires a 24/7 “presence,” you need to check out this feature.

Conversions to SMS – there are VoIP systems that make it possible to convert voicemail into SMS that will then be sent into your mobile phones. Some systems give this free of charge. Others present this as an add-on expense.

Call blocking – this varies according to the system provider. If you believe that blocking anonymous calls is important as a security measure, check this feature out.

Business utilities – the ability to fax, hold conference calls, and have a mobile phone version of the VoIP are features that function as business utilities. Some system providers offer all of these, some only offer one or two in combination.

A Shrinking World

Whatever VoIP system you choose, make sure that you are first able to compare the features of each system being considered. Geographical constraints used to hamper the global exchange of information. This was before technology became an integral and nearly indispensable part of economies, cultures, and societies the world over.

Now that much of the world already has online access, it is a simple matter to make information exchange happen swiftly and frequently. This has the effect of shrinking the world, because technology has overridden whatever geographic barriers used to exist.

VoIP does a lot towards making the whole world accessible, at less cost. To ensure that you get as much coverage as possible, at the most affordable price, conduct a VoIP comparison test first.

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