When people hear or read about VoIP, they usually think about how the VoIP phone system is beginning to supplant land lines. But today, the use of VoIP is no longer limited to using a PC to talk to someone a thousand miles away. VoIP offers people a lot of other convenient and exciting uses, some of which you probably didn’t know about until now.

You Can Use Regular Phone and Mobile Devices with VoIP

Yes, that’s right. When you see people using their regular phones or mobile devices to talk to people, they may actually be using VoIP technology. For regular analog phones, this is possible with the use of analog telephone adapters, which can connect the two to each other easily. You just connect the analog phone to the adapter, and the adapter connects directly to the VoIP server.

There’s no need to use the PC for VoIP communications.

The benefits are even more dramatic with mobile use, since making a call on your mobile phone can still cost a lot of money. But many mobile phones these days have sophisticated broadband and Wi-Fi features, and those have made it possible to use VoIP for mobiles. In 2007, you couldn’t find anyone using their mobiles for VoIP. But by the end of 2012, about a quarter of a billion users employed VoIP over their 3G broadband to make calls.

You Can Monitor Your Employees More Effectively

While this feature may be annoying for a lot of lazy employees, the hard-working ones will appreciate it. VoIP is an Internet protocol, and that means that it can be monitored and analyzed properly. Employers will love how they can check on their employees better. If you’re a boss or a small business owner, you can do the following with VoIP:

Voip Phone System

Voip Phone System

You can see who’s on the phone right now, so you know when not to disturb that person.
You can listen in on an active call or record phone conversations. This is a great way to check on how well a sales trainee is doing when making pitches over the phone.

You can compile the call statistics of your employees on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. You’ll be able to learn how many calls they made, how many calls actually got through, and the length of each phone conversation. All of this info can help you identify how you can help your employees become more effective in their sales pitches.

Online Gamers Can Play More Effectively

Online gaming has been going on for a long time, but in the early days communications were sometimes a bit inconvenient since it was all chat. You couldn’t really chat with your teammates when all of you are busy fighting off virtual monsters because your fingers are too busy. These days, you can talk to your teammates (or your opponents) over VoIP. Team play can become more efficient, and you can probably taunt your opponents more effectively as well.

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